The Emotion Code also helps our pets

The Emotion Code releases trapped emotions to allow for abundant Health and Happiness in ways that are just as appropriate for Horses, Dogs and Cats as they are for humans. 

Science has verified that animals feel all the same emotions that people feel! Research has identified the limbic or ‘feeling’ parts of the brain to prove that animals and birds are sentient beings, with a full range of emotions and reactions to experiences.  In fact, since the limbic region is one of the most primitive parts of the brain, we now know that humans and animals have always possessed emotions. Animals are very sensitive and hence they can be extremely affected by their experiences in life.  In the same way that this negative emotional energy can become trapped in the human body so they can also become trapped in an animals body thus creating imbalances leading to behavioural issues, pain or dis-ease. These trapped emotions have been found to be the most common imbalance in animals. Nine times out of ten the problems they are experiencing are due to trapped energies/emotions. In exactly the same way we can release these energy imbalances from the human body so we can release these from the body of any animal. Animals respond very rapidly and positively to this work.

Thank you so much for the work the you have done on my cat Zak, he is his old self again! He perked up yesterday. Such a difference, his coat is shiny and he has gone off out exploring today, he has been curled up with no interest in life for a few weeks now. It is such a relief that he is his old self again; I had taken him down the vets 3 times recently, Thank you! Thank you!”


This is my German Shepherd, Barney.

Although an extremely loving dog within the family home, from a small puppy he was always extremely nervous with anyone he did not know well. He would bark and cower and even occasionally nip. He had been born in a rescue centre and we welcomed him into our family at ten weeks of age. As he had never suffered any ill treatment at our hands we were at a loss as to the cause of his nervousness. Using the Emotion Code I have released his energetic imbalances. The result of this work is a happier, more confident dog and no further nipping. I enjoy working with all types of animals and if you feel your horse or pet would benefit from an Emotion Code session please do contact me.