This is what our clients have to say about their healing experiences:

“I just want to say thank you for helping me remove some blockages.  I felt a little upset after for about 2hrs but I had the best night sleep that I haven’t had for the longest time. My partner and I are getting on much better, he has been calling more, and I don’t feel so worried about our relationship any more. I will come back to do some more work with you when I have a bit more money. I really enjoyed it and have seen the change in me.”


“Thank you for this afternoon, I have already felt the affects and benefit of it”. 

Sue W

“I haven’t been stressed at all, no back pain, feeling gooooooooood”.


“I felt a bit strange for a day but I do feel I have made a massive leap forward with stuff that I have been struggling with for so long. I cannot thank you enough as I feel that I am starting to get my life back. I feel like a new woman. Bless you.”


“Today, I am worrying about the fact that I am totally relaxed, ‘actually happy’ I can sit still without feeling guilty and I am wondering where the fear and paranoia and sadness has gone. I think I might be imagining it all. I really do feel totally different. I am laughing out loud, haven’t done that for years, but didn’t realize that until I laughed, my husband stopped what he was doing and said, ‘IT WAS SO NICE TO HEAR YOU LAUGH’ That is how bad its been and I haven’t noticed it. Cannot believe how different I feel!”  


“Thanks again for the treatment yesterday. I have really felt benefits from the treatment. I’ll look forward to booking another treatment”. 


“After the treatment I have felt lighter – not as bloated in my stomach and generally not so achey. Straight after the treatment I felt like a bit of a weight off my shoulders and on thinking about it I think the emotional attachment to past relationships affected me more than I realised.”


“I am feeling a little more steady now, it’s been interesting and I do feel more balanced and settled day by day. Look forward to seeing you soon.”


“I am feeling so much lighter, this session was so powerful. I am feeling so much more confident and peaceful after what has been released. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”. 

S Shetty

“Thank you, my pain had completely gone by the next day”. 


“Hi Sally,
Wow what a session yesterday …. You have opened my eyes so much and I feel so much more positive about things. How powerful is the mind hey. Many thanks Carolyn”