Sally Harding


Trained Allergy Antidotes Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Advanced PSYCH-K Practitioner

Certified Ask and Receive Practitioner

Each consultation is tailored to your individual requirements.

Follow up sessions may be recommended.

“Thank you for this afternoon, I have already felt the affects and benefit of it”. 

Sue W

Phone/Skype Consultations

If you are unable to personally attend a consultation we can arrange to achieve the changes you wish to achieve remotely via a phone consultation or by Skype. These methods are equally as effective as an in person appointment.

Email Consultation

Email me with your details and issues you would like addressed and I will do a proxy session on your behalf and email the results to you when completed.

Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer or credit/debit card.


The Body Code

1 hour session £80

30 minute session £45

15 minute Body Code Initial Evaluations

An Initial Evaluation will include: checking the percentage at which your immune system is currently functioning at, if you have any misalignment’s in your body, if you have a Heart-Wall affecting your relationships, we check for pathogen energies (viral, fungal, parasitic, bacterial, mould), and any toxicity in your body (heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, etc.), any nutritional needs are determined, organs or glands are tested for imbalances.
Recommendations are then given on the type & estimated number of sessions that your body would benefit from receiving if you chose to correct your imbalances. I would then clear one imbalance for you so you can experience the process.

Allergy Antidotes

I hour session testing, identifying and treating allergies   £100

The Emotion Code

1 hour session £50

30 minute session £30


1 hour session £80

Ask and Receive

1 hour session £80

Disclaimer: Our processes used are not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor are they a replacement for medical attention, professional mental health care or veterinary care.

The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs