We don’t treat diseases. We don’t claim to cure diseases. We simply try to find (using muscle testing) and remove the imbalances that are going on in the body. We believe that the symptoms that you are having are because of imbalances that are going on in your body. If we can find those imbalances and fix them, perhaps your symptoms will go away.

Happiness and Health Solutions

We all would like to live our life to our full potential and experience life as our best self. In reality though it can be an enormous challenge to realise our full potential when we are carrying unhelpful emotions, limiting beliefs about ourselves and poor physical health. We cannot change the world out there so rather than resist what is, or feel helpless and victimised we can instead choose to have complete power to change our perception of everything.

By clearing your emotional blocks and the emotional energies trapped within your body and by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind you can then reclaim your health, personal power and your joy in life.

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We can help you to:

Remove Imbalances from the body which are affecting your health

Release your emotional baggage

Eliminate pain from the body

Release emotional stress and depression

Release Traumas

Resolve Fears and Phobias

Feel more at ease with Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Increase your Self Esteem

Achieve your desired Weight

Eliminate destructive Habits and Addictions

Resolve Painful Memories

Develop the Relationships you desire and deserve

Enhance Career Opportunities

Reach your Goals

Experience more Abundance

Get in touch with the amazing healing power of the mind

Increase your sense of Wellbeing

Reclaim both your Health and Happiness for a more fulfilled life

And much much more……..

Almost all of us have unknowingly acquired limiting, self sabotaging misperceptions that undermine our strength, health and desires.

Bruce Lipton

PHd author of Spontaneous Evolution